Soil Management Designs

Who is Soil Management Designs

Dr. David McKenzie

QUALIFICATIONS: PhD (soil physics), University of Sydney;
MScAg (soil chemistry & agronomy) and BNatRes (Hons.), University of New England.

ACCREDITATION: ‘Certified Professional Soil Scientist’, Soil Science Australia.

AFFILIATION: Adjunct Professor, Centre for Sustainable Agricultural Systems, University of Southern Queensland.

AWARDS: Prescott Medallist, 2018, Soil Science Australia; Cotton Researcher of the Year, 1987, Australian Cotton Growers Research Association.

SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS: Author or co-author of over forty scientific journal papers / book chapters.
An example of a recent paper can be viewed here:

Soil and Tillage Research  – Volume 127, March 2013, Pages 26–33

Visual soil examination techniques as part of a soil appraisal framework for farm evaluation in Australia,  by David C. McKenzie

David has worked as a soil scientist for more than 40 years and lives in Orange, NSW Australia.


Who is Soil Management Designs

Soil Management Designs (SOILmgt) is the new trading name for McKenzie Soil Management Pty Ltd; established in 1996 by
Dr. David McKenzie and based in Orange NSW Australia since 1997.


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