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Australian soils are not necessarily poor

Soil profile collage Soil Management Designs

Yes, much of the Australian landscape is underlain by ancient rock, but the associated soils are not necessarily poor Did you know? In the NSW Central Tablelands, some of the richest soil for agriculture is found on ancient volcanic rocks and limestone deposited over 400 million years ago. Referred to as Ordovician Volcanics, they extend …Read More

EM surveys: Sometimes “cheap” is just too expensive

Aerial Image showing bare soil

Did You Know? Precision Agriculture (PA) provides a broad range of powerful and valuable tools for farmers and their advisers. Highlights include precise guidance of farm machinery to minimise compaction (CTF) and maps of: 1) during season crop performance, 2) grain yield and profitability, and 3) surface elevation mapping. But some PA components are less …Read More

Soil Structure: At Least as Important as Soil Carbon!

Soil structure assessment is a cornerstone of rural land management in Australia

Soil management, especially soil carbon has been a prominent news item in Australian rural media during 2023-24 Soil carbon has been the main focus. There has been an avalanche of articles for farmers about this topic in ‘The Land’ newspaper October 2023 to May 2024. But an issue of fundamental importance usually is missing – SOIL …Read More