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Soil Quality Audits for Viticulture

Wine GrapesThe consistent production of high quality winegrapes is very difficult to achieve without accurate, clearly presented data about the physical, chemical & biological status of the topsoil and subsoil.

survey_vitcultureFor new vineyards, it is essential that all relevant geology and soil information be considered prior to land purchase and vineyard development. Problems such as poor subsoil drainage, severe subsoil acidity and variable waterholding capacity are very difficult to manage once trellises and irrigation systems have been installed.

Soil Management Designs - Vineyard survey profileThe expense of obtaining the required soil information is only a small fraction of total development costs and land values, and is a form of insurance against project failure.

SOILmgt has 20 years experience with these issues in established vineyards and at ‘new development’ sites.

We use appropriate blends of new and mature assessment technologies to provide practical and affordable soil management outcomes for clients.

We value input from vineyard managers & staff – and their viticulture advisers – during soil assessment, reporting and ongoing monitoring.

SOILmgt Experience

  • Regional soil reconnaissance based on geology maps to assist with land purchasing for vineyard developments
  • Detailed soil surveys for new vineyards
  • Yield map interpretation in existing vineyards
  • A focus on cool-climate viticulture in areas with volcanic parent materials


Who is Soil Management Designs

Soil Management Designs (SOILmgt) is the new trading name for McKenzie Soil Management Pty Ltd; established in 1996 by
Dr. David McKenzie and based in Orange NSW Australia since 1997.


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