Soil Management Designs

Reviews & Support

Specialist Soil Services – Reviews and Decision-Support Systems

SOILmgt has experience with the provision of soil-related reviews and decision-support systems.

We have staff and associates with the appropriate qualifications and accreditations to provide clear independent appraisals of soil-related issues.

Services from SOILmgt include:

  • Review of soil-related topics, with specialisation in the assessment and management of soil structure
  • Conference appearances to present technical overviews
  • Panel membership for government reviews

SOILmgt Experience

  • NSW Government assessment of agricultural land quality on floodplains affected by opal mining near Lightning Ridge
  • NSW Government BSAL review
  • Cotton Australia BSAL submission
  • GRDC sodic soil literature review & gap analysis
  • CRC-CARE performance review
  • Dairy Australia carbon sequestration review, and presentation at ‘World Dairy Summit’, Auckland NZ
  • Deutsche Bank – carbon sequestration under saltbush
  • SOILpak manuals (Cotton, Dryland Grains on Red Soil, Ord Irrigation Area)
  • AUSVEG/LWA Healthy Soils Ute Guide

Independent soil evaluation & planning service, David McKenzie, Orange NSW

Who is Soil Management Designs

Soil Management Designs (SOILmgt) is the new trading name for McKenzie Soil Management Pty Ltd; established in 1996 by Dr. David McKenzie and based in Orange NSW Australia since 1997.


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Specialist Soil Services:

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