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Agricultural Soil Science Inputs for Mining Projects  – Soil Information to Comply with NSW Government Guidelines

NW-Plains-300x199Where agricultural land is being impacted by mining developments in NSW, mining companies understand the need to manage the land in a way that leaves it at least as fertile and functional as it was prior to disturbance.

The optimisation of crop/pasture/tree performance and environmental quality on mine-affected land, however, is impossible without accurate clearly presented information about topsoil and subsoil conditions.

As part of the planning associated with mine development and eventual closure, it is essential that potential soil profile hazards such as subsoil dispersion/ sodicity, pH imbalance, compaction, salinity and waterholding capacity issues are understood well at each site.

SOILmgt links in with mine managers and their planning consultants to deliver high quality soil information that maximises their chances of delivering favourable results for agriculture, during and after mining developments.

SOILmgt-pitWe value interactive discussions with mine managers & staff, their consultants and local farmers during soil assessment, reporting and ongoing monitoring.

SOILmgt Experience

  • Topsoil/subsoil characterisation for mine rehabilitation planning
  • Assessment of Biophysical Strategic Agricultural Land (BSAL) for Gateway Applications
  • Soil data for BSAL assessments associated with the preparation of Site Verification Certificates
  • Soil information for the management of offset properties



Who is Soil Management Designs

Soil Management Designs (SOILmgt) is the new trading name for McKenzie Soil Management Pty Ltd; established in 1996 by
Dr. David McKenzie and based in Orange NSW Australia since 1997.


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